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Kermit, my Red Front

Hand fed parrots - Top quality pets and breeding stock.

Model Aviculture Program (MAP) certified.


  We love birds! Their health and happiness come first at Birds 2 Pet All parrots receive the best of diet and socialization. Babies are hand-fed. The birds are part of the family at day one. They are raised in the kitchen and family room, played with frequently, and become excellent pet-quality birds.   All birds are socialized with their species, other species and humans, and are allowed to fledge prior to sale.

  Birds 2 Pet is a small, closed aviary that gives individual attention to each and every bird. Birds receive excellent veterinary care, and health is guaranteed. All breeding stock has tested negative for PBFD and polyoma virus. All babies are DNA sexed. Small birds are close-banded, and large birds (Macaws and Cockatoos) are microchipped as well as banded for identification.

  We raise:   Cockatoos: Ducorps, Gang-gang, Moluccan, Ophtahlmica (Blue-eyed) and Galah (Rose-breasted).   Conures: Crimson-bellied, and Roseifron.   Macaws: Greenwing and Hyacinth. All baby birds are socialized so that they are very sweet. Buyer may put a deposit to reserve the bird until it is weaned. I send pictures of the bird as it is developing to those with a deposit.

    Mary Ellen LePage, owner/manager of Birds 2 Pet, is the founding and current Manager of Companion Bird Source - An Association of Breeders and Retailers setting higher standards, former Northern California Coordinator and Corresponding Secretary and current 2nd Vice President of the American Federation of Aviculture, Ethics Committee Member of Aviculture Microbiology Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit, national/international specialty foundation affiliated with the American Federation of Aviculture (AFA), She is author of bird publications and has presented at bird seminars.

Mary Ellen LePage     Tel: 408-997-3113     Fax: 408-323-1802
PO BOX 355, Redwood Estates, CA. 95044
email: mail@birds2pet.com


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